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Hello! My name is Kevin Renskers, and I am a developer from The Netherlands, living in Iceland.

I'm a creative developer with a passion for good design and intuitive, user friendly interfaces. Usability and design are always on my mind, even when writing code: this should be usable, readable and beautiful too.

I've been online since 1994, creating websites since 2000 and iOS apps since 2010. You can find my open source projects on /projects and a portfolio of mobile apps I've created on /apps.

You can download my CV here.



Senior iOS / JavaScript / Python developer, Gangverk, Reykjavik

january 2012 - current

Building iOS apps and Python backends for CBS Interactive, CBS Local and their brands like Radio.com, Last.FM, MetroLyrics, Tailgate Fan and Live on Letterman as well as Icelandic clients like Síminn. You can see a portfolio of my work at /apps.

I was the lead developer on multiple big projects, with 2 or 3 members on the team and I've also started and maintained multiple open source projects on github.com/gangverk.

For Gangverk's current project I'm writing an ambitious single page web application with AngularJS, Node.js and Gulp.

Senior Python developer, Getlogic, Groningen

june 2011 - december 2011 (7 months)

Senior Python developer at a company specialised in building web applications in Django. Together with the other senior developers I was responsible for the technical course of the company, and for the guidance and training of junior- and medior developers.

I was lead developer on multiple projects, where I had one or more junior developers in my team. Responsibilities included code reviews, deployments, testing and code refactoring.

Python / iOS developer, Goldmund, Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe, Groningen

september 2009 - may 2011 (1 year 9 months)

After working with PHP for almost nine years, I made the switch to the programming language Python. At GW&W I started as Python webdeveloper and specialised myself in the Django webframework. Soon I also added usability testing to GW&W's list of services.

In May 2010 I started developing applications for Apple's iPhone and iPad.

Technical project manager / lead PHP developer, InGoedeBanen.nl, Groningen

january 2007 - august 2009 (2 years 8 months)

I was the lead developer on one of DMM's biggest projects, InGoedeBanen.nl, from the very beginning. In January 2008 I took on the role of technical project manager, working with other (junior) developers to develop new features.

InGoedeBanen.nl is used for quickly posting jobs to multiple jobboards and gaining valuable statistics about those jobs and job applications. The application connects to over 250 jobboards using custom built “bots” for each of those.

Senior PHP webdeveloper, DMM Websolutions, Groningen

march 2005 - august 2009 (4 years 6 months)

At DMM I started working as junior webdeveloper, where I gained much experience with the open source content management system TYPO3. Besides creating tens of sites in TYPO3 I also created a few extension for this CMS.

I quickly moved to the position of senior webdeveloper. I mainly worked on large enterprise-level webapplications for the HR market and wrote functional designs and end-user documentation. Together with the management board and other senior developers I worked on the technical course of the company and wrote the internal code-standard that all developers had to follow.

Owner, Dualdot, Groningen

june 2004 - december 2006 (2 years 7 months)

Dualdot was my own company, doing (dedicated) webhosting, web development and graphics design. Since 2001 I worked a lot with Linux servers and PHP and decided to do more with it. Having HallsOfIllusions.com at the time was also a big factor. In June of 2005 Dualdot turned more into a hobby, as I got a full time job at DMM Websolutions. In December of 2006 I decided to stop with my own company.

Graphics designer, Klantkaart, Assen

january 2004 - april 2005 (1 year 4 months)

At Klantkaart, a company that creates and sells electronic saving-systems to shops, I created the creditcard-sized cards that were handed to the customers. From June of 2004 I worked at Klantkaart via my own company Dualdot.

Owner / administrator / editor, HallsOfIllusions.com, Groningen

april 2001 - october 2006 (5 years 7 months)

Halls Of Illusions was a fan-site about “underground” American rappers. Within two years the site was one of the biggest in the genre, and after 3.5 years it was without a doubt the biggest of its kind. At the end the site had over 25,000 active members, 70,000 unique visitors each month and used at least 300 GB of traffic per month. More then 10 volunteers worked for the site, doing news, lyrics and columns. The site used my own content management system, built in PHP 4 with lots of social networking functions. It ran on two servers that I maintained, and they were highly optimised for the large amount of data traffic and simultaneously logged-in users.

Early 2006 the site was rebuilt as an TYPO3 extension that was later open sourced under the name “hoicommunity”. In October that same year I decided to pull the plug and end the website, as my musical interests had changed a lot since 2001.

System administrator / junior PHP webdeveloper, University of Groningen

april 2001 - march 2003 (2 years)

At the University of Groningen I was responsible for all Windows workstations of our department. I also helped maintaining a couple of Linux (Debian) servers. It was here that I started programming in PHP 4 and Javascript with the help of my colleagues.